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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Blessthefall - His Last Walk

Blessthefall - His Last Walk

His last Walk is Blessthefall’s debut album and is the one that backed up their EP. This album has no known label. (Maybe it is self recorded). This album was the album that really put Blessthefall as one of the top players in the Post-hardcore scene.

His Last Walk is a Post-Hardcore album and sounds very emotional; it is just the way the clean and screamed vocals sound leads me to believe this. This album is made for all the emos out there (no offence).  There are a few tracks that they have released from their self-titled EP. These songs are Higinia, Wait For Tomorrow and Black Rose Dying. All of the songs in this album are very emotional and I think it presents a dark depressing feeling to the listener.

I think that this album is supposed to have an emotional connection with the listener and I think it succeeds, with flying colours. This song is 100% emo, it is just the styles of music seem downbeat, and also just the way the clean vocalist and the screaming vocalist sing just makes this album seem more depressing. The sounds they make I think is supposde to make them sound like they are suffering or depressing. Especially when the screamo vocalist stops and breaths heavily, in the song Black Rose Dying. Also one of the most depressing song I have ever heard other than Suicide Season by Bring Me The Horizon is the song With Eyes Wide Shut, I also it is a continuation of the song Pray. It is just the emotional connection is why I think this album is very good because it fulfilled it’s main objective.

This album is not perfect though. I think that this album have very poor recording quality maybe because they have self recorded this album. Also that the Screamed vocals and also Clean vocals don’t really compare to other Post-Hardcore bands such as Jamie’s Elsewhere or The Amity Affliction. I think they cover the poor vocals with emotion and it works. Also musically they are not even near as good as bands like In Fear and Faith. Also that some of the songs seem dull after a while, mainly because of the same type of vocals and there is not really a wide variety of musical styles. There is still one thing that annoys me about this album and that is the song His Last Walk, it has a 2 minute pause. They have wasted 2 minutes of playing time and the stuff after that isn’t even metal. It sounds like R&B.

Overall this album is not too bad. There are some things I don’t like about this album. But the only thing that has drawn the line between good and bad is all the emotion in this album. I think it is the only thing that made Blessthefall one of the Mainstream Post-Hardcore bands. I think this is not really the best representation of Post-Hardcore but I think this still a great album and I would recommend this album to anyone who is into punk or emotional stuff. Not for people who like the Hardcore stuff. I give this album a 16/20.

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