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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Execute The Sinner - Threnody

Execute The Sinner - Threnody

The Threnody EP is Execute The Sinner’s second studio which was released in 2011. These guys are a Canadian progressive deathcore band and since the release of their debut EP, they have taken the underground metal/hardcore scene by storm. When this EP was released, it spread through the internet like a Trojan virus and these guys got a fairly good reception. There is a reason of why these guys have received such success in the recent past because this isn’t half bad, its better than a lot of stuff that has appeared recently. So this stands out quite a lot, its good to have a change in something, especially when you know that this sound might takeoff, and hey, it might even start a whole new branch of deathcore/progressive hardcore which could take rise to a whole new wave of bands.

The first thing that I and anyone else who intends to review this ep is the sheer creativity in their song writing and song structure. There aren’t many bands out there who have created something like this, there might be a few bands that have used similar techniques, but these guys assemble much better than their counterparts. Their execution is perfect, and it can even be described as beautiful.  There aren’t any bands that come to mind when someone who asks “what does Execute The Sinner Sound Like”. I don’t know any band out there who blend death/grindcore with progressive deathcore and splashes of hardcore like this. This is not just a simple hybrid band either, they have truly created a new sound. I really do think that these guys have pushed the boundaries of the genre (whatever this genre is to be precise).

Their song structure is probably the next thing people notice about this ep and its technical and abrasive as anything you could imagine. When it comes to technicality, I reckon they would give Disfiguring The Goddess a run for their money. In fact, I think that Execute The Sinner might even be on the same level as Disfiguring The Goddess, but just weirder. Their also weirdness doesn’t come from the way they smash genres together, how the songs a set up in general. I don’t think that these guys have planned what they were going to do before attempting to write this EP because these isn’t really any sense of planning. I think that its this bands charm because nobody does it like these guys do it.

Not only is their song structure weird, the techniques they have used are also a little odd. It seems like they have just thrown random sounds into the mix, it sounds like the aim of this band was to get the weirdest sound possible. The guitars have a psychedelic pitch to them, just listening to it gets you high. Now this type of thing is typically found in atmospheric sludge and stoner metal, it just adds that little extra element of avant-gardeness to their sound. This is the type of thing that leaves you asking “what the fu..?” There is even a point in this ep where it almost sounds like a movie where a paedophile is on the loose (you’ll know when you hear it).

After the technicality and once I’ve gotten over how odd their music is, they tie it all up with some beautiful progressive metalish riffs and some much needed melody. Until you hear this for yourself, you don’t understand how important this small element in their music was. Not only does it stop the music from being repetitive and linear, it adds a sense of sheer scope to their music, which is never a  bad from for any band from any genre of music. It really shows that these guys are musically minded and that if they want to make outrageously technical, weird, retarded music… they can, but if they want to change their sound but still sound awesome, they can do that too. Not many bands I know can do this. Its almost like a failsafe system for them as well, I’d be perfectly fine with it, if they just made a new EP with just the progressive side of their music.

There is something about this band that has a really modern edge to it, it seems like this is the latest fad to hit the deathcore scene. There is something about this that makes you feel like that this could be starting something new. It’s something that not many bands out there have, that something is what Execute The Sinner is made of. Sure, they can be as original as they want but it’s the way they have modernize they sound that gives it their extra charm. I mean, the recording quality is perfect, they have taken everything from modern “core” genres and smashed them together and just look at the cover. This ep is a contemporary masterpiece that would start a new “fad” which could spread.

The last thing that really bring this EP alive are the breakdowns, you gotta love them. Sure, the ones here might not the chuggiest, chuggy breakdowns around but they sure pack a punch. They don’t typically last long either, I think that this is good because it doesn’t interfere with the momentum of their music. Or maybe the momentum is already so disturbed, that I can’t even tell if its running smoothly or not. Either way, it doesn’t seem to leave holes in their music. Another thing that I’m glad they have done is that they haven’t overloaded their EP with breakdowns. You’d think that an EP such as this one would have a breakdown every 2 seconds if they could, but it’s not the case here.

These guys pack more punch into a single track than what many can fit into a whole EP. I might have mentioned this earlier, but there is just so much stuff going on in this EP at the one time. I mean, if you listen closely enough, there are a number of things that have just thrown in there just for fun; guitar solos, pig squeals, breakdowns, gutturals, electronic elements, palm muted riffs, blast beats, super fast doubles, guitar shredding… the list can go on. All of this has literally been thrown in there without any consideration of structure at times. It’s incredible they can do this but make it still sound half decent, or maybe it’s just luck. Who cares, it’s awesome, nuff said.

Overall, this is one hell of an EP and a great way to follow and back up a previous release. This is what makes people want to listen to new bands because its bands like this one who start and pioneer new genres of music. This EP is not for the feint hearted, there is a certain grotesqueness that their music contains, which is something that might repulse a few people, but it is also the very thing that attracts the fans as well. Execute The Sinner are truly one step ahead of everyone in the same boat as them, and they have shown this in Threnody. I recommend this band to anyone who is looking for something new to listen or to get into. Although the music won’t kill you, it might give you some side affects once you reach the “weird” parts. I also recommend the track A Darker Feeling for people who want to see exactly how weird these guys are. Now for people who want to check out their progressive more beautiful side, I’d recommend the track Dust of Our Dreams it really is a beautifully crafted song. This is the perfect thing to gain some fans and leaves fans waiting for their next release or EP, will they continue this epicness in future releases, only the future will tell (or the band members). I give Execute The Sinner’s Threnody a 17/20. 

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