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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Salt The Wound - Ares

Salt The Wound - Ares

Ares Is Salt The Wound’s second album and is of the Deathcore genre. This album was released in 2009 by Rotten records. This album is actually very impressive considering that I have never heard of this band before since a few months ago when looking for awesome some bands and I found this gem.

This album is very impressive and is one album that is going straight onto my favourites list. I think that this album is so well made it would be crazy not to have a listen to them if you are a Deathcore fan. This song has awesome blast beats, vocals, guitar and breakdowns. Even the song Mutations has some kind of atmosphere in my opinion. I also like it because it is not trying to be the most brutal Deathcore band around. It focuses more on what Deathcore really is, and that is Salt The Wound. It has everything you would expect from a Deathcore band other than the sheer chaos some other bands have. This is why I respect bands like this, they don’t have to follow the mainstream stuff to be good. My favourite song on this album is Mutations, mainly because it wraps the rest of the album into a neat little package and shows what the album is like.

I have no problems with the tracks on this album at all. All of the songs get a 20/20. But the only thing that really lets this album down is the number of tracks it has, only 8. This is nowhere near enough. This means that buyers would have to spend $20.00 (Aus) for only 8 songs. That is too much, so I think that the album should be longer.  But that is my rant over for this album.

Overall this is an excellent album, I like it because this album has the song Mutations. The only thing that really lets this album down is the length. 8 tracks would be suitable for an EP but not a full length album. I would recommend this album for all the Deathcore lovers out there and recommend the song Mutations. Overall I give Ares a 17/20. Nice!

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