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Monday, September 26, 2011

We Are Destroyer - Existence

 We Are Destroyer - Existence

We Are Destroyer is a band from the USA whose music contains traces of numerous hardcore and progressive related influences within their music. Many of the more recent deathcore bands focus on creating hybrid genres, trying to come up with something new by give listeners the best of both worlds because there is a whole fad going on lately about who can be the most innovative. The only problem with this is that, some people don’t like straight up hybrid genres and rather than making it sound like something new and unique it just sounds like hardcore inbreeding of genres. We Are Destroyer have taken a different approach to this situation though. Rather than smashing two genres together, they have a certain hierarchy of genres which they have gone from. The result of this is awesome music that doesn’t sound like the inbreeding of random metal genres.

The genre which they have placed on top of the chain when it comes to their sound is deathcore, their deathcore sound reigns as their primary influence that they go for. There is a real sense of deathcore atmosphere here because it wouldn’t sound like “real” deathcore without it. I think that have really nailed the deathcore element in their sound, I don’t think I can pickup and flaws within their music. They have applied some of the techniques to create deathcore really well and it’s consistent throughout the entire ep. The thing that really stands out though is their double kicks, and I know that super fast doubles aren’t only exclusive to deathcore but the way they have applied there are in a “deathcoreish” manner. They are a decent speed and the tone sounds really deep, it sounds more like a subtle humming rather than a full faced gut busting double kick, which is unlike As Blood Runs Black or Here Comes The Kraken. The next thing that cannot be overlooked about the deathcore side of things is definitely the breakdowns. Usually bands focus on how heavy they can make it or how slow it is. Well I can tell you that those types of breakdowns are terrible and wouldn’t really work in a progressive deathcore situation anyway. I really enjoyed the breakdowns here in Existence they were; high paced, melodic, well structured and heavy at the same time and to spice things up a little, they decided to throw in some bass dropping.

Although their primary sound is deathcore, there is also strong evidence that hardcore must have been their second upmost influence in their music. There are even times throughout where it even sounds more like unmelodic hardcore than deathcore, but these sections don’t usually last very long. But still, it adds that extra twist in their sound which greatly improves the replay-ability of the music itself. Not only does it add a little variety to their already diverse sound, it gives them some attitude and this is something not many deathcore or death metal/hardcore hybrids have which is a shame because I’d like to see many more bands out there doing what We Are Destroyer are doing because this is just fantastic. There is a real in your face attitude that is going on here in the background that is definitely worthy to mosh to. Not only is the music hardcoreish, but you can tell that they were going for this particular unmelodic, in your face sound by some of the things that are said such as “this is for the haters” and group shouts, even just when someone yells out “fuck!” it adds attitude. All of these are typically associated with hardcore and they all add an extra element to their sound without cluttering their music.

Even though deathcore and hardcore are the main sounds that are featured in this ep, they have added yet another spin to their sound by adding a progressive backdrop. Now this is really awesome because it’s the perfect thing to tie up the entire ep and their sound in general and rather than having the progressive elements at the front stage like The Contortionist does, they put it behind. The result of doing this is still having a hardy deathcore sound which is able to support some progressive ambience. But they don’t really exclude the progressive elements from the main stage entirely, they are still very notable throughout a few key guitar riffs and in the intro and outros.

I’d just like to take the time to say that they also have excellent intros and outros to this ep, and its very rare to find any kind of intro or outro that is worth listening to at all but once again, We Are Destroyer have pulled this off as well. Most of it are made up of progressive deathcoreish music but there is one extremely heavy breakdown in the outro…beware.

Overall, this is one of the most promising deathcore bands to come out in the recent years and Existence is their evidence. They have managed something that still eludes many bands from both mainstream and underground scenes and that is good song writing. There aren’t many bands out there who even write good music, let alone tie all the elements featured in a neat little package.  We Are Destroyer seem like musically people and they know how to write good music. They have the sturdiness of a deathcore band, the attitude of a NYC hardcore band and the atmosphere and ambience of a progressive death/deathcore band, it’s a complete package. I recommend We Are Destroyer to any of the “core” fans who don’t mind screams and growls in their music because this is something not to be missed. I recommend the track Descendency because it features everything that is great about this band. I give We Are Destroyer’s Existence a 19/20.

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