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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Parkway Drive - Horizons

Parkway Drive - Horizons

Horizons is Parkway Drive’s second album and is the one that really put Parkway Drive on the map. Horizons was released on October 6th 2007 by Resist Records and Epitaph Records. Horizons is an excellent and is one of my favourite Metalcore albums of all time and I think it is one album that will never get old.

This album is one of the best Metalcore albums of all time in my opinion and shows incredible creativity, quality and emotion coming from an Australian Metalcore Band. I Also consider Parkway Drive to be the only real mainstream Metalcore band coming out of Australia. Horizons feature some great tracks such as Carrion, Idols And Anchors and my personal favourite Boneyards. There are few tracks which feature decent breakdowns which is head banging quality.

Horizons is an amazing album and that is rare coming from Australia for mainstream Metalcore. There are awesome breakdowns such as in the song Boneyards. Also there are pretty good guitar solos in the songs Five Months and Idols And Anchors which don’t only aim at speed but quality as well.  All of the tracks on Horizons are outstanding in my opinion, and this album will never get old because of the shear variety of music types they play, almost each song has a different tempo and melody to it which is great. If you want high speed and high energy listen to Feed Them To The Pigs, if you want heavy listen to Boneyards and if you want slow and emotional listen to Horizons or Carrion.

I cannot seem to find any real problem with this album. Maybe they should add clean vocals to their future songs but I would be perfectly happy if they stay the same as they are right now.

Overall  Horizons is an excellent  album featuring some of Parkway Drives best tracks and I can’t wait for their future stuff to some out. I highly recommend this album to anyone who is in to Metalcore, Deathcore and anyone who is into metal in general. I do not recommend this to anyone who is into Black metal or Brutal Death metal. I also like this album because it has a lot of tracks on it (12) so this means more bang for your buck! I give this album a 20/20! I like it.

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