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Saturday, September 24, 2011

City In The Sky - Blurs

City In The Sky - Blurs

City in the Sky is a deathcore band from the United States of America. If you have been following the underground deathcore scene lately you are bound to know all about this band. These guys are one of the most unorthodox deathcore bands around combining the technicality of Brain Drill and bands alike with the cheesiness of Japanese anime. When there is a space ship shooting at a bear on the front cover, you know that this isn’t just doing to be your typical deathcore band. For those who are thinking that this band is not serious at all, don’t because not only is this one of the most serious deathcore bands as well, they have write some of the best progressive deathcore music I’ve ever heard.

When people think of progressive deathcore what do people think of? The Contortionist? The Yellow Sign?  Well, for anyone who thought of those bands you should add City in the Sky to that list because these guys provide the best progressive deathcore money can buy. Just about everything about the progressive sections of their music are beautiful but especially the guitar riffs. Unlike other progressive deathcore bands, the guitar riffs are very complex and yet they are more beautiful than anything I’ve heard from that genre of music. It also has that retro feel to them, so not only are they beautiful, they cheer you up as well. The riffs do create an atmosphere that is unlike anything I’ve come across before, and they aren’t just good, and they aren’t just great, they have to be close to the best thing ever written because there isn’t a mainstream band or underground band that has pulled anything off like this just yet.

Not only is their music smooth, progressive, atmospheric and beautiful, they can get extremely technical at times. And when I mean technical, I don’t mean The Contortionist technical. This is more on the lines of Iwrestledabearonce technicality. So you are probably sitting there thinking how this extreme technicality and progressiveness fits in together, well you will be surprised when the music starts because the songs are so well constructed. People who listen to this album will either bask in their beauty or frown at the unusual style which is City in the Sky.

There is also one thing that I must point out about their music in general, and the only words to describe this is to say that they are as heavy as fuck.  Now I don’t use that term for just anything with a breakdown. It takes something special for me to use this term and I think the term “as heavy as fuck” is quite appropriate here. For starters, they use a style of death metal guitar riffs that are heavier than your typical deathcore riff. This just makes the music literally 100x heavier than what they would normally have been with deathcore riffs. But, there is one thing that just tops everything else when it comes to heaviness and its their breakdown. Nope, its not their breakdowns, it’s a particular breakdown that lies within the track California Bear. I send a challenge to everyone to find a better breakdown than this one because it is absolutely perfect. There is an amazing tension build up prior to the breakdown itself and then BOOM! The best bass drop breakdown ever made.

This album is full of surprises which most would think as out of place in a deathcore album like this. There is one in particular that I did not expect to find in this album and its clean vocals. Ok, admittedly, they aren’t really the best clean vocals I have heard but they do increase the cheesiness of this album by a lot. It’s a little hard to describe the style of clean vocals used here but I would imagine that this style of vocals would be commonly used when a parent is singing a child to sleep. Its not quite soothing, but odd…very odd.

Overall, I think that City in the Sky have produced one of the best underground deathcore albums in 2011 and I expect that their popularity will begin to rise as these guys get their name out to the deathcore community because I can’t imagine any deathcore fan not being pleased with this. Like I mentioned before, this album is basically a combination of cheesy, progressive and heavy as fuck, how many bands do you know that have this exact combination because I’ve never heard anything else like this. I think that City in the Sky have taken a massive risk in making this album, but I’m not afraid to say that it has paid them off tenfold because this is just awesome. I recommend the track California Bear because it is just amazing. It’s beautiful, heavy and it has arguably the best breakdown ever made. California Bear should go down in deathcore history. I give City in the Sky’s Blurs an 18/20.

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