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Friday, March 18, 2011

Trivium - Shattering The Skies Above (Single)

Trivium - Shattering The Skies Above (Single)

Shattering The Skies Above is one of Trivium’s singles. This single was released in March 2010 by Road Runner Records. I know this is only a single but I think I should write something about it because there is no news of this song being in their future album.

Firstly this is one of Trivium’s best songs in my opinion and it is a shame that they are not going to put this in their next album. This song still sounds like classic Trivium and I think that this is probably one of the last songs that will sound like this, because I think that the drummer left the band just after this song was made (I’m not sure though). The drumming in my opinion still sounds great but a little different, I think that it has a more Death Metal style to it. There is a pretty good solo in this song, not as good as the one in the song Gunshot To The Head Of Trepidation or Like Light To Flies but still isn’t that bad. Also this song still has the trademark Screamo style that Matt Heafy does so well in past albums Trivum and Capharnaum.

There are a few downsides though. Firstly and mainly, this single has only 1 song. Yes I know singles should have only 1 song to it but I have bough singles that come with bonus tracks or video clips. They could at least do that but I might be asking for too much when they should put the game with the single. Also I think that there is a really bad attempt to make a breakdown in this song. The breakdown is not very good head banging material.

Overall this is not a very bad single it still sounds like Trivium and that is what I am so glad about this release. They could have improved this release by adding some bonus stuff to support the song but that is not a very big price to pay. Also it may be a bit difficult to actually find this song, although it is available from I-tunes . This song isn’t suppose to be on any future releases so if you are so desperate to listen to this song, it is on the God Of War III sound track.

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