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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Night In Texas - Demo (2010)

A Night In Texas - Demo

A Night In Texas’s debut demo was released in 2009. It was self produced and is of the Deathcore genre. This demo is one of the more brutal Deathcore pieces I have come across, I think that I may fall into a further sub-genre called Technical Deathcore. This demo is very fast and intense all the way through.

This is A Night In Texas’s debut Demo and it is very fast. Everything about this album is energetic. It has very fast drumming as well as fast double kick. The drums get fairly intense in all of the tracks but they get especially intense in the track A Murdered Child Sleeps. The vocals are amazing as well, since they have one guy specialized in high pitched squeals and another person specializing in low growls they can each work on their own techniques. The result of this is very low growls and very high pitched screams. They are a lot more to the extremes of the scale when it comes to their vocals, very deep and very high. There is nothing in the middle unlike some other bands where they have moderately deep or high vocals. They also have a few breakdowns they have place in here. The best one would have to be in the intro.

For some reason they have put an intro in this demo. I don’t really know why, but I am glad that they didn’t waste it because instead of it being some weird musical. It is actually a separate song, so this means that no space is wasted. This demo goes at light speed throughout all of the tracks, the only exception to this is when they go into their breakdowns. This band still has so much potential, and is already fairly well known throughout Far North Queensland in Australia.

Although there are a few good things about this demo there are some things that may disappoint the listeners. Firstly it doesn’t really sound like they are making any sense with their band as a whole. It sounds like each individual musician is just playing their own thing. Even the vocalists do this. The screams just sound like “laaa,laaa,la,la,laaaa” and the growling is very distorted. Also I think that the only good player in the band is the drummer. I think they have tried to an emphasis on him by making the drums seem very loud. Once you look past that, everything else is below average. The riffs are boring and the vocals sound very repetitive. Also each track only lasts a maximum of 3 minutes so it is very short even though it is a demo.

Also they don’t seem to have any motives in their music. There is no sense of atmosphere or emotion at all. This is probably because of the silly vocals and repetitiveness of this demo. This I think will disappoint the most listeners. It sounds like they have not set any goals for this demo other than to attempt to be the fastest Deathcore band in the world. Sure they are fast, but they have sacrificed all the other important stuff down the drain.

Overall this is not a bad demo. They can make many changes to improve their sound. The thing that lets them down the most is that they don’t have any emotion or atmosphere to their tune. They just try to be as heavy as they can. I am guessing this a very common in many young bands around so I hope they see this and change a little. I would recommend this demo to anyone who likes really fast music no matter what genre it is, but especially for hardcore Deathcore and Technical Death fans. I also recommend the song A Murdered Child Sleeps mainly because it will give you a perfect insight on about what this band is like. Overall it is an ok demo but I can be improved a lot. I give it a 13/20.

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