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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jamies Elsewhere - Seasons

Jamies Elsewhere - Seasons

Seasons is Jamie’s Elsewhere’s second Album. Seasons is a Post-Hardcore Album and was released in 2010 by Victory Records. This is probably one of my favourite Post-Hardcore albums of all time. I think that Jamie’s Elsewhere is heavily underrated and there should be more fans for this amazing band.

Seasons Is Jamie’s Elsewhere’s second album. This is probably as close as you could get to a perfect Post-Hardcore album. This album is so high up the WOW factor that I cannot even describe it. So I will just tell you what is good on this album. Firstly, the screamo and clean vocals are almost perfect (I don’t care if it is fake or not, it sounds good that’s all I care about.).  The actual tune that you listen to gets stuck in your head  in a good way and presents some good sing along value (if your into that stuff). Also there is also some techno music to back it up which makes this album sounds even more amazing. There are probably some of the best Post-Hardcore songs I have ever heard such as the songs Visions in Sleep and the song Seasons, these are the two songs I would recommend for new time listeners.

I have trouble finding anything wrong with this album. It can almost be described as a “perfect” album. There is only one problem, and that is the song The Prodigal. I think that it was suppose to have some kind of emotional feeling behind it but it seriously failed at that.

Overall this album is one of the best Post-Hardcore albums around and I think that this band is so underrated that it is a disgrace to not see it have at least 3 or more stars. I recommend this album to all the Post-Hardcore fans out there and some Metalcore fans as well. I give this album a 18/20, nice!

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