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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Take Me To Janus - Voyager (Single 2011)

Take Me To Janus - Voyager (Single 2011)

Voyager is Take Me To Janus’s debut release which is also a single. There is only one track on Voyager so there are no covers or re-mixed/mastered editions of the track. From what I can tell about this one track, these guys are an ambitious mix of melodic and unmelodic hardcore and but there may be some hints of deathcore and progressive metal in there. This two man project hails from Brisbane Australia’s ‘core’ scene which already has many, many bands competing to be the best. Apart from the fact that there is only one track, this track speaks a thousand words and gives me or anyone for that matter, a very good indication of what this band is about and what they covet to achieve.
Now as soon as the track begins it starts out sounding like your average American based punk rock band which something like Breaking Benjamin. It’s nice and slow and promotes a very calm mood/sensation, It essentially provides an intro for the track itself. Not only this, but it provides a contrast from the rest of the track which is equally important according to me.  After a short but appealing introduction to the track, the happiness slowly declines and eventually descends down into a breakdown. The breakdown is quite slow and sounds particularly dark and eerie, it’s basically the same type of breakdown commonly utilized in many deathcore songs.
Now after the breakdown, there is a sudden turn of emotion because the music bursts into what sounds like hardcore punk at its purest form. It is fast paced/energetic, unmelodic and completely and utterly in your face. I usually don’t like this style of hardcore but in this case I think they have really outdone many other bands out there. It just sounds like perfect hardcore punk; the vocals are of hardcore style, instrumentally it sounds like hardcore and the mood is… hardcore. So from this, I can safely say that these guys have a hardcore influence.  Also within this section is another but more subtle breakdown and it’s nothing like the breakdown in the opening part of the track so yep… you have guessed it, it’s a hardcore style breakdown. Which is a lot slower and plainer than a typical metalcore or deathcore breakdown and this really emphasises the fact that these guys do have a hardcore influence in their music and people had better not forget it.
The third and final little section of the track still sounds like hardcore… well melodic hardcore (which is a little different but that’s not what sets it apart). What does though is the slight touch of progressiveness which only adds even more contrast to the track. And since they haven’t overdone it the music still flows very well and therefore there is not sense of the track starting or stopping and that’s always a good thing. The music sounds droney and like what many progressive bands have in common, there is a sense of atmosphere or landscape. This feeling is just the icing on the cake and I think that the track wouldn’t have the same impact without it.
Now since Take Me To Janus is a band where the music is all programmed I cannot exactly mention the musicianship of the band itself but I can still talk about the musical instruments but, I have to say, the programmer has done and extremely professional job of mixing this track. There are no blemishes in the mixing or recording and all the music seems to be in time and where it should be. This is also something to congratulate the guitarist about as well because this couldn’t have happened with his musicianship. Also, it seems like the track was constructed in such as way that is suppose to sound like a real band. This means no super speedy drumming and no electronic or dub step music which I think was a smart idea.
Overall this track definitely gives me a very good impression on what the band is like. The music is clean and clear, with no imperfections in the recording or mixing. Also, this isn’t a boring repetitive track either. There are three main elements all in this one track and all of them have been specified a location in the song, so there is no cross breeding or cluttering of the music. I recommend this single to any “core” fans out there, except for maybe the people who like extremely intense deathcore or very soft post hardcore/screamo. Give this a go because it is definitely worth it. Overall, I think that this is a seemingly perfect track and from what I’ve already heard, I like these guys. Voyager the single gets an impressive 18/20.

Artist : Take Me To Janus
Album : Voyager (single)

Country : Australia
Genre : Melodic Hardcore/Hardcore/Progressive
Website : Facebook , Bandcamp
1. Voyager

Size : 6.1mb


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