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Friday, August 12, 2011

Sevenskies - Nobodies

Sevenskies - Nobodies

Sevenskies is a metalcore band from Cairns Australia and Nobodies is their debut ep. Although these guys may have come from Cairns, they have now relocated to Brisbane. “Yesss!” people scream as miniradman comes back with some Australian metalcore. When people read or hear the words “metalcore” and “Australia” in the same sentence people immediately show the whites of their eyes as they realise that they will be hearing some good stuff. They think of the giants such as Parkway Drive and I Killed The Prom Queen, what many foreigners might not know is that this is only the tip of the iceberg and there is way more where that came from. It’s bands like Sevenskies that make this happen and is one of the many Australian bands that we should thank for carrying on this wonderful tradition.

Australian metalcore has the tendency to sound more mature and grownup than it’s American or European counterparts. They are more serious, and this is something that Sevenskies has seemed to have taken on board. They don’t try to sound overly fast or overly br00tal with their solos or anything. They just try to play it nice and safe, and besides, there aren’t many Australian bands out there who go all out so these guys fit in so well. To be completely honest, Sevenskies reminds me of a young Parkway Drive as far as musical techniques and vocals are concerned. This doesn’t mean that these guys are a huge rip off of Parkway Drive because that couldn’t be further from the truth. They have thrown in their own sounds to mix things up and anyone who knows, being compared to Parkway Drive should be taken as a massive complement.

Although these guys might have a metalcore style song structure, there is something about their music that sounds like hardcore. Hardcore is probably their biggest influence in their music and this is definitely evident in their vocals work. They don’t have many highs or lows, it just sounds like your ordinary, typical hardcore vocal work which is how hardcore vocals are meant to be done, none of this post-hardcore stuff that people think are real hardcore vocals, because it’s not. Also these guys don’t seem to appeal to emotion as much as many other bands out there. Metalcore is usually stereotyped as being an “emo” genre. Although this is wrong in most cases, this is another thing that leads me to believe that these guys are more hardcore than metalcore. It just shouts of hardcore, the vocals, the guitar tuning and they certainly have that “in your face bitch” hardcore style of attitude.

But I do ask a question. What is something that metalcore and hardcore have in common? Breakdowns! Of course, this band hasn’t made the stupid mistake of boring breakdowns or leaving them out all together. They use two styles of breakdowns in this ep which is quite a lot considering that this is only a 13 minute ep. I know songs that go for longer than this! The first style they have used is you typical hardcore style breakdown. Mid paced, notes are sustained for quite a long time and there is a relative heaviness in there somewhere. The other style that they have used is metalcore ones. Now these are quicker, more abrasive and the notes aren’t sustained for as long. The combination of these two contrasts really well but there is something missing. Usually, in every good ep/album, there is a single breakdown that just seals the album. It can literally make your day!

I think the real highlight of this ep is definitely their song writing and it’s this that makes Australian metalcore so enjoyable to listen to because not many bands around the world that can do it like Aussies do. Like I’ve mentioned before, these guys don’t go for all out brutality like many other bands from around the world. And this is probably another thing that makes their song easier to write and when something is easier to do, you tend to enjoy it more than something you don’t like, and things that are enjoyable to do are usually done better. I think that this is quite an important factor in Sevenskies case because they have excellent song writing. This is essentially what makes these guys just that little bit better than your average, everyday metalcore band. Everything in this ep is where it’s supposed to be, and it all fits together like a perfect little puzzle.

I don’t usually think that production of and an album is something to jump up and down about but as soon as I heard the tuning and distortion of the guitars on this ep, it made me smile. There is something about them that just sounds so filling. It’s they guitars themselves that make up the entire atmosphere and if you think they sound good then, wait until the breakdowns, they are amazing. It’s just another thing that makes this ep so enjoyable to listen to.

Overall, this is a pretty good ep which is always something to be proud of if you consider that this is a debut release. What makes it better is that this is from Australia which automatically gives this the stamp of approval for many metalcore fans. It’s bands like this that carry on the Australian tradition and it’s bands like this who we turn to when something like I Killed The Prom Queen go belly up. I’m sure that this will appeal to many metalcore, deathcore and hardcore fans out there purely because of their hardcore style attitude which is the “fuck you, in your face bitch” kind of atmosphere. In this entire ep I believe that the track “what the thunder said” is easily the best and it represents this band very well. I think it mainly displays their song writing capabilities really well. So I’d recommend that song for anyone who is looking for a taste of Sevenskies sound. Sevenskies is definitely one of those bands that you would want to keep an eye on in the future because who knows, they could be the next biggest thing to come out of Australia! I give Nobodies a 15/20. Hardcore or metalcore, who cares, they are both moshable!

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