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Friday, March 18, 2011

Suicide Silence - Demo 2003

Suicide Silence - Demo (2003)

Suicide Silences Debut demo was released in 2003. This demo was self released and is of the Deathcore genre. This was the thing that launched Suicide Silence and demos are usually the things that make or break a band. It also tests what the band sounds like when recorded. Suicide Silence nailed it with this demo. This was the beginning of new wave of Deathcore.

This is an excellent debut demo that is great through its 3 tracks and immediately you can tell that Suicide Silence is a young, talented band that means business and intends to stay. These are 3 fairly unknown tracks that are full of emotion in the music. There is nothing really soft in this demo, its either slow and heavy or fast and brutal. There are far less screams as well and there are mainly growls. The opening track Soak In Tears sets the pace and pattern for the rest of the demo. It is not an overwhelmingly heavy track but is great Deathcore. It has a breakdown that has the Deathcore signature written all over it. If you hear it you will know what I am talking about, it’s not the heaviest but just sounds great. The other two tracks Victim Of Tragedy and Stand Strong also have the same amount of speed but it has great atmosphere to it which is very rare from a Deathcore band. This demo defiantly shows a softer side of Suicide Silence, I never thought I would hear a pause in music and just plain vocals for 10 seconds by Suicide Silence.

There are a few things that disappoint me about this demo. Firstly it is short as hell, 3 tracks. It doesn’t really matter that much though because it’s only a demo. Also the majority of this demo is in mono tone. With only three tracks I was expecting a little bit of variety but there isn’t. The Vocals, riffs and tempo are the same through the whole demo. This makes it extremely boring and unappealing. Also there is just too many growls compared of how many screams there are because the screams make Suicide Silence what they are and even the growls aren’t as deep or as crisp as they are now. These few things greatly impact this demo as a whole because they are fairly big flaws.

Overall I think that they have greatly improved from this demo, but this demo set their foundation for their sound in general and their future releases. It also would have inspired many young Deathcore bands to start out small then grow rather than trying to go straight to the top. To be perfectly honest this isn’t the greatest demo out there but I would recommend this to anyone who is into Suicide Silence or Deathcore. I give this a 13/20.

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