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Friday, September 23, 2011

Splattered Entrails - Nauseate

Splattered Entrails - Nauseate

Splattered Entrails is a one man brutal death metal project from the United States of America. Brutal death metal has been around as early as the early 1990s and many people fell in love with the sheer speed and energy of the music. Some people would consider brutal death to be one of the most extreme genre out of all the other extreme metal genres. In recent times however, there have been a new wave of brutal death metal which rushed onto the scene. For whatever reason, many death metal fans were displeased with this change, feeling that it wrecked the genre. Newer bands such as Disfiguring the Goddess brought in many elements which are shared with deathcore bands. And many people hated deathcore which is probably why many death metal fans also didn’t feel the new wave of brutal death. Well, all I can say is that people who have lost all hope in the brutal death metal genre should be prepared for Splattered Entrails because they are bringing brutal death back!

Unlike many of the newer brutal death metal bands who just focus on how “f00kin br00tal” they can be, Splattered Entrails seems to have a lot more organisation within the song structures and the best part is that their tracks don’t only consist of just death slams and breakdowns (which is a common mistake among their death metal counterparts.) And you would think that a one man death metal band would try and just go all out crazy with the drum machine, and I know many people hate this because people complain about it all the time. The good news is that Splattered Entrails have written the drumming in such a way that it just sounds like a normal death metal drummer could play it. It’s not highly technical or super fast music, its normal and I’d say that would be a big plus to many death metal fans out there who like bands who keep it simple.

But Splattered Entrails has a rather peculiar sound because it sounds modern and contemporary but also they don’t have the typical, generic sound a modern brutal death metal band would have. There are no slams, there are no breakdowns and there are no pig squeals. Yes, that’s right, a modern brutal death metal band that does not have “brees brees” in their lyrics. They just have regular guttural growls which are raspy enough to burst your ear drums. The thing that they have done also is but the vocals in the background rather than bringing it up front, because if they have brought the vocals up front, I could almost guarantee that they would sound two dimensional and extremely generic. And if a new band that wants to make it big in the scene (such as Putrid Pile) is generic, they might as well kiss their short career in death metal goodbye.

Splattered Entrails isn’t just all different, there are some elements in their music which can be enjoyed by fans from both sides. The immediate thing that people notice about the music here is that it definitely has some attitude. The guitars sound extremely heavy and gutturally, the vocals sound gutturally as well and the drumming is fast but not over the top. The drums, you’d expect a band with a drum machine to have drumming that is clear as crystal, but its not, not even close. In fact, I think the sound of the drumming could fool even some of the most experienced death metal listeners at times because it was deliberately done to sound like a real drum. Well, for most of the part anyway because just like any band with a drumming machine to do their work for them they just can help it sometimes but to go fast.

There is something that is really different about this band which I haven’t mentioned before, and its something that could make a death metal fan love of hate this album or ultimately, this band. Many death metal fans all over the world, expect death metal to sound extremely dark and grotesque, almost as grotesque as their album covers. The thing is that Splattered Entrails, doesn’t have this. Well, they might have just a little here and there but it doesn’t sound as monstrous as some of the bands in the same genre. And even at times, the guitars riffs might sound a little uplifting, now this is something that I found very different about this band compared to everyone else. I think it adds an extra twist in their sound, except the only thing is that there are bound to be many deatheads out there who probably won’t welcome this change or new elements introduced in here. But at the same time, there would be many who would welcome this sound.

I cannot shake off the feeling of receptiveness though out this album though, not matter how hard I listen to this, it just seems like I’m hearing the same things over and over again. I mean, Splattered Entrails practically use only two different tempos throughout this entire album, so there is quite a lot of boring parts though out the album. Yeah, there are a few interesting riffs and drumming passages throughout the album but nothing too spectacular and they don’t occur often enough. The majority is quite boring. And also the atmosphere they have created isn’t really that interesting either and it drones on for way too long.

Overall, this is a pretty good brutal death metal album and it’s also something just a little different from what the normal view of a modern day brutal/slamming death metal band would be. There are no pig squeals, slams or overly technical drumming. This is what I would imaging pure brutal death metal would sound like, and it’s something is almost impossible to find in modern day death metal. All the new bands want to be the most brutal or the most heavy, why can’t more bands be like Splattered Entrails and just focus on making good death metal?

Although this is a very decent album, it tends to repeat itself quite a lot though out the album to a point where boredom sets in. This is probably the major setback for this album but apart from that, it’s not bad. I recommend the track Humans: Deprogrammed because it should give whoever is interested in listening to Splattered Entrails a nice little glimpse of what to expect the whole album to sound like. The thing I like best about Splattered Entrail’s sound at this point is that they should satisfy people who are into normal death metal and people who are into the more brutal, modern side of things. I give Splattered Entrail’s Nauseate a 15/20.

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