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Friday, August 12, 2011

A Lovely Day For Bloodshed - Demo (2008)

A Lovely Day For Bloodshed - Demo (2008)

A Lovely Day For Bloodshed is an all female deathcore band from the USA. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, “all female” and “deathcore” used in the same sentence. These gals have the attitude and appearance that stands up to any deathcore band. I’m not sure if they were the ones who actually wrote the music, but I think it’s as “in your face” as any deathcore band out there. Which many people will probably find hard to believe. But I can tell you now, they have some kickass breakdowns and vocals in this dark, disgusting demo of theirs. This is not as bad as what some people might think.

These girls must have some really dark, depressive minds to create something like this. The first thing people who probably think when they heard of female fronted metal, is something a little more upbeat. This is what I would have though as well and as it turned out, I was completely wrong. I think this is darker than anything else out there when it comes to deathcore. Yep, it’s a lot darker than Whitechapel and Chelsea Grin put together.  The atmosphere is similar than you would normally find in most deathcore songs out there, it’s just the same except it might just be that little bit darker and grotesque. I don’t think that there is anything feminie about this demo at all, in fact it’s more manly than a lot of the stuff that is out on the shelves today!

Ahh yes, they haven’t forgotten the breakdowns in their music, good girls. Although the production of their music is terrible and everything might be a little loose, they do on conjure up some decent breakdowns, dark, heavy breakdowns at that. These girls know their deathcore, and its evident in that by the way their breakdowns. They are done just at the right speed and they don’t try to go over the top with them. Not only this, but they have some tension building before they dive into a breakdown. This is usually done by playing the guitars softly and short bursts of drumming at the same time. They have nailed it and the result is some pretty awesome female breakdowns. Could you just imagine these girls head banging to them! It would look awesome.

Although they might lack the speed to a typical deathcore band as far as the drumming is concerned, they do set up quite a pace. This is probably due to the terrible recording quality, yeah it does that sometimes. They do have some high speed parts as well as some really slow sections and breakdowns (like I’ve mentioned before). I think these girls focus more on creating a heavy, dark atmosphere rather than a high paced, high energy one. I think this is quite obvious, since they have chosen to use high distortion with their guitars. The guitars remind me of the guitar work from Bring Me The Horizon’s Count Your Blessings album, just in lower quality and not as technical as them either.

If anyone is coming into this demo expecting some lovey dovey clean, mellow vocals. Prepare to be blown apart by the lead singer’s voice. They aren’t anything like a female should sound like, in fact, no one should sound like this. They are harsh as anything you could find and there are no clean vocals at all. It’s all harsh, gutturally and I should have to say it, but they sound really manly. I’m not even sure if people could even do a vocal cover of this demo because it’s unlike anything people have heard before.  

Overall, this is well… different. There is probably nothing out there that matches this band in terms of uniqueness. I mean this is 100% female deathcore, how many bands like Lovey Day for Bloodshed have you seen before? I think this is the type of band that will attract a large crown purely based on appearance for obvious reasons. I think that this band would be a real treat so see live, for any deathcore fan. The music is just as harsh and raw as any boy band could achieve, as far as how dark this demo is, I would say it would get a definite 10, because nothing out there could match this. I can tell you now, this demo is not for females because it is anything but feminie. I recommend that you can go and check out the track 15 Ways To Die because it is a perfect showcase of what these girls capable of doing. I give this demo a 12/20.

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