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Friday, March 18, 2011

In Fear And Faith - Voyage

In Fear And Faith - Voyage

Voyage is In Fear And Faith’s first EP and is of the Post-Hardcore genre. This EP was self-released and was released in December 2007. This is a very good debut EP and gives you a good feel of what this band is like which is what really an EP is suppose to do.

This EP is not bad, not bad at all. Some of the tracks are very emotional such as the song Taste Of regret. There are also a few tracks that are full of energy such as the songs There be Pirates Among These Seas and Live Love Die. I do like the tunes on some of the tracks on this EP! I also think that this has everything that anyone would expect from a good Post-Hardcore band. There are parts full of energy and then there are slow emotional parts such as in the song Live Love Die. Also there are frequent changes between clean and screamed vocals (which aren’t bad). This EP also has a decent length of 7 tracks which is not so bad for an EP. Also I am glad that they Improved the song Live Heart Die and changed the name to Live Love Die.

This album is not that bad but it is not perfect. Firstly, there is a repetition of the same kind of beats played over a few songs which drastically changes this EP from being good to being average. It is mainly the drums and the guitars which I think are very repetitive and these are probably the main instruments used in Metal Music so they need to be constantly changed (In my opinion). I think it is ok to hear the same tune from the same song but not the same tune from a whole bunch of songs in one album/EP/Demo. So what I am getting to here is that I think they should be more variety in this EP. Also I think that some of tracks in this EP in general should be more energetic and not so boring. They do not achieve the same energy rating such as the bands Jamie’s Elsewhere and The Amity Affliction.

Overall I think that this EP had more potential to be better but it is not so bad considering that it is their first EP. This EP is full of emotion and high in energy in most parts but can be boring in some parts. Also the repetition of the same sound annoys me. I recommend this EP to all the hardcore Post-Hardcore fans out there. I also recommend the song Live Love Die, this song will give you a lasting impression of what this EP is like. I give this EP a 16/20.

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