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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thy Art Is Murder - Infinte Death

Thy Art Is Murder - Infinite Death

Infinite Death is the second EP released by Australian Deathcore band Thy Art Is Murder. This EP was released on the 2nd of August 2008 by Skull And Bones Records. This is only a small EP and is pure Deathcore.

This EP is Thy Art Is Murder’s second release and is 100% Deathcore. This album is fairly extreme as for the music but is very disappointing as for the way it is played. The Music just doesn’t cut for me but there are some up side to this EP and I will tell the good and the bad.

Firstly there are some good things about this album, all the songs aren’t that bad. In my opinion there is only one good song on this EP and that is the song Infinite Death. This song is very fast technical and has a very heavy breakdown to go on top and not to mention the unbelievably fast drumming. This EP is full of heavy breakdowns such as in the songs I’ll Show You God and Parasitic Autopsy also the solos are better in the EP than in their album The Adversary, which I give two thumbs up.

There are some downsides to this album aswell. Firstly I don’t really like the tune some of the songs are played at other than in the song Infinite Death. This is because there too many transitions in a short period of time and this confuse me. Also that a lot of the songs follow the same pattern of Bang, Bang, Fuck, Shit and it gets really boring because they just sing about nothing and it feels like forever. Also this is very shot EP with only 5 songs, so I don’t think it is worth $10 and it isn’t even that good. (MY OPPINON)

Overall this EP disappoints me considering the length of the EP and the actual music itself has no structure it is all over the place. There is one song I like and that is Infinite Death so I recommend that people should download this song off I-tunes and only if you like this song you may want to consider getting the rest. If you don’t like Infinite Death I would steer clear of the rest of the songs and also because it is very short. Although this EP disappoints me it is not the worst EP/Album I have ever heard from the Deathcore genre but I would only recommend this album to Hardcore Deathcore lovers, like me. Overall I give this EP a 12/20.

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