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Monday, January 9, 2012

Medea Rising - We Were Never Meant To Be

Medea Rising - We Were Never Meant To Be

Such terms, like “generic” and “mediocre” have been commonly used to describe deathcore music in the metal industry. Honesty, I was actually starting to believe this because lately, I’ve been hearing the same thing from every deathcore band I came across. Yeah, all those chuggy riffs, un-heavy breakdowns, disorganised song structures were pretty much standard issue for each band and that became boring. Seriously, there are way too young blood deathcore bands out there who are so focused on creating the most brutal or the most heavy, that they lose sight of the importance of innovation. They try so hard to be the next Suicide Silence, or the next Whitechapel. I was about to just stop looking for deathcore altogether, about to be, until someone recommended that I listened to Medea Rising. Thank god, I heard this, thank god… otherwise I would have fallen into the same trap as the huge number of metal elitists in this world because if there was ever a reason to create deathcore music, this would be it.

What is deathcore? Some would say it’s an amalgamation of metalcore and deathcore, others would say that its actually hardcore, rather than metalcore but both are politically correct as far as I’m concerned. Let’s think just for a second, deathcore is made up of death metal and hardcore and/or metalcore, but there are numerous styles of hardcore, numerous styles of metalcore and numerous styles of death metal so that would imply that deathcore is all the same and generic is false abd incredibly short sighted. A deathcore band which chose to combine melodic hardcore with modern death metal, would have a different sound to a band who chose to combine old school death metal with hardcore. The proof is Medea Rising, they have taken the branch of deathcore which combines melodic hardcore with modern death metal and I must say, they’re one of the most satisfying yet.

Melodic hardcore/deathcore is a relatively uncharted genre that not many bands tend to follow. I guess that stems from the fact that deathcore has the reputation of being “harder” than the other “-core” genres and for those who haven’t experienced melodic hardcore, they don’t exactly have the same status. Unlike deathcore, which focuses on heaviness and brutality (I’m talking about pure deathcore) melodic hardcore focuses on melody (unsurprisingly), atmosphere and emotion in its music. So I’m guessing that it would be tough to write music with has the best of both worlds without feeling like one has more power over the other. Normally, bands would simply separate melodic hardcore/melodic metalcore passages from deathcore passages (which is fine), but Medea Rising have chosen to interweave the two and as a result, they’ve created some truly beautiful deathcore.

We Were Never Meant to Be isn’t just another deathcore album, it’s a work of art. So much beauty lies within it can be overwhelming at times. Like I’ve mentioned before, We Were Never Meant to Be contains elements of melodic hardcore/metalcore littered throughout, and I think that these sections are so magnificent that they do it better than many other bands that is, they do melodic hardcore better than many melodic hardcore bands, which is definitely saying something. The best part, is that they have kept ALL of the melodic hardcore influences in their music. They haven’t just taken “influence”, they are full on proper and fully uniformed the melodic hardcore passages which take you a melodic hardcore world. A world which has an incredible atmosphere created by; the high pitched tremolo picking, Oli Sykes styles vocals (Suicide Season style) and appropriate guitar tuning and drumming for the mood. I don’t know if there is any way to describe the emotions that flow through my body as I listen to these passages. There is just something about how everything is put together that is so uplifting and just a pleasure to listen to.

Because I feel that the melodic hardcore influence is what had the major impact on We Were Never Meant to Be, I think it was worth mentioning first. But modern/brutal death metal is an equally prevalent element in Medea Rising’s music and it definitely shows on We Were Never Meant to Be. If the term “heavy as FUUARK!” is typically over used in deathcore, Medea Rising on the other hand, perfectly suits this description. If people think bands such as Whitechapel or old Winds Of Plague were “heavy as fuark”, be prepared to witness this monster. Medea Rising literally crushes the competition (in terms of heaviness) with; heavy ass breakdowns and death metal passages. Unlike many other deathcore bands, who create a certain blend of deathcore, Medea Rising have appealed more to one or the other, never really both at the same time which means that the melodic hardcore passages are focused on melodic hardcore and death metal passages are more focused on death metal. They rarely cross paths. Breakdowns are first thing to point out when it comes to Medea Rising’s heavy side, why? because they are “heavy as fuark!” The appropriate speed, guitar tone and vocals are all used and they’re just generally well constructed, but what I like the most about them is that they keep the momentum ball rolling. Whilst on the topic of the momentum ball, the blast beats on We Were Never Meant to Be are also excellent. They might not be the loudest or the most crisp, but the As Blood Runs Black style of blasting gives the drumming some potency and emphasises Medea Rising’s death metalish characteristic.

There is a third dimension to We Were Never Meant to Be and that’s beat down hardcore. Yep, that’s right, melodic hardcore, brutal death metal and beat down hardcore all in the same album. Although it might seem that their beat down skills won’t be up to scratch because they’ve done so well at writing melodic hardcore and brutal death metal, they’ve also done quite well at this too. Just like their melodic hardcore elements, the beatdown elements in We Were Never Meant to Be are just as good as other, more pure beatdown hardcore bands. They just add another face to an already multi-faced deathcore band, which is just awesome.

How many bands have you heard, who have both brutal death metal style vocals such as: gutturals and pig squeals and melodic hardcore style vocals. Well, all I can tell you is that there aren’t many out there, and I can assure you that you will find it hard to find another such diverse deathcore album. Just the assortment of musical styles utilized, gives We Were Never Meant to Be power and sheer scope, scope that is not normally experienced in other deathcore bands which is meant in a totally positive manner. This is why I find Medea Rising to be such a great underground gem, because they stand out from everything else, they are the diamonds amongst the ashes. The sad thing is that Medea Rising can put many of its; melodic/beatdown hardcore, brutal death metal, and of course deathcore counterparts to shame.

Overall, We Were Never Meant to Be is awesome and could very well be one of the most promising deathcore debut albums as of late. I think that Medea Rising have what it takes to stand out from the rest in the scene, it’s only a matter of time before they may go viral and if they don’t go vial and breakup when they’re still underground, feel privileged that you got to experience this album and others didn’t. It’s quite obvious from the track titles that Medea Rising don’t take themselves seriously, this is what I love about underground bands, they’re making awesome music for the sake of making excellent music and not money (I think). Their charm would definitely have to stem from the song writing, there aren’t many artists out there (especially deathcore ones) who seem to have the same capabilities of cramming so much into so little as Medea Rising and there are even less bands out there who can still sound half decent. I recommend We Were Never Meant to Be to those who are looking for a bit of variety and emotion in deathcore because it’s very hard to come across. Epic Fall seems like a nice way to get to know the band’s sound, it’s the track that actually got me into them in the first place. Medea Rising have truly shown off their skills in We Were Never Meant to Be and with just a little high quality tweaking, this could be the making of a gold standard band. I give Medea Rising’s We Were Never Meant to Be a 17/20.

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