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Monday, January 9, 2012

Whitechapel - Recorrupted (EP)

Whitechapel - Recorrupted (EP)

From the very moment Whitechapel released their debut album The Somatic Defilement they were destined for greatness. Whitechapel were the ones that I think were the first to give a clear and defined deathcore sound because I didn’t feel that bands such as All Shall Perish and Animosity were as “pure” as Whitechapel was (although they were still deathcore). Over the short time Whitechapel has been around, they have released some awesome deathcore pieces (pieces which are now engraved in deathcore history) and over that time, they’re sound has relatively stayed quite constant. Unless you compared The Somatic Defilement with A New Era Of Corruption because then you might see some difference. My thoughts as soon as I hit play on the Recorrupted EP were “oh boy the metamorphosis is happening!”

Before we dive into the exact details on the music, I’ll just tell you what has stayed the same *SPOILER ALERT!*. First are foremost, the vocals still sound very familiar from their earlier works. Now before you start cheering and going and telling your friends “ZOMG, Whitechapel haz a new EP out!” don’t. Why? Because I don’t think that the vocals are the best. Let’s think for a second shall we…What did people like about Phil’s voice in the first place? Was it the high pitched screams, the extremely low guttural or the way he can rap and scream at the same time. I can tell you that there is absolutely no evidence of either of those traits that I witnessed in Recorrupted and to be honest I have a slight feeling that they won’t show up in Whitechapel’s next album (what ever it may be). Sorry to burst the bubble fellas.

Also the guitar sound and tone hasn’t really changed either. But I don’t know if this is what others hear or if I’m just retarded, but I think that the guitars this time round have a slight hardcore edge to them. This doesn’t really change the overall atmosphere that was seen in earlier works and what Whitechapel fans have come to love most, but it does make it sound a little different in neither a positive or negative way. But even for hardcore, it’s not that interesting.

Hang on, hang on… here’s something different *ANOTHER SPOILER ALERT*, there’s a guitar solo in the track Section 8. I don’t remember any decent guitar solos in any of Whitechapel’s earlier albums. I don’t know why they haven’t bothered to put any in though because I think that this solo is definitely the highlight of the EP. Its well constructed, quite melodious but the only problem is that it leaved me hanging, I want more damn it! and I want it now! They kind of remind me of Bullet of My Valentine’s guitar solos in a way. But I know for a fact that having guitar solos doesn’t equal a gold standard music. Take Suicide Silence’s No Time To Bleed as exhibit A. 
From what I’ve heard, I think that Whitechapel might take a more hardcore direction to their music and I hope to god that they don’t include too much electronic shit in their music. Although there are three of five tracks that are electro remixes and there is one cover, judging by the only “real” Whitechapel song Section 8, I think they might have a more hardcore direction to their music.

After reading some of the other reviews people have written on this EP, people are really expecting the worst from a new release which might be out very soon. To be perfectly honest, I though that earlier Whitechapel was just a tad plain which is what I think pure deathcore is. Pretty much every track was the same in This is Exile and The Somatic Defilement with the occasional melodic sections (which I think were the only things that held the music together). After hearing this, I have a feeling that even Whitechapel have decided it’s time for a change. Will hardcore be their new direction? Well, Section 8 says so and I think it will be interesting on how they interweave their current Whitechapel deathcore with this new Whitechapel hardcore. Or maybe everything I’ve mentioned is totally wrong and they’re just going release another deathcore release.

Many other reviewers have been really disappointed with this little “teaser” of an EP (and I think a few might have been trolled). Well, I think that they’re looking at the whole EP the wrong way. Although most of it isn’t really anything new and I agree that its crap, I think that we should only be looking and examining the track Section 8. Mainly because it’s the ONLY real Whitechapel song which isn’t a techno remix, cover or an acoustic track. I think that Whitechapel have done this on purpose to keep what they really have in store for us secret. To be honest though, I’m not that excited for Whitechapel’s new release but I’m just a tad curious on whether or not they go a different direction with their music, stay where they are right now or the reactions of fans if they do officially change direction. I can say one thing though… I sure hope it’s not as bad as Suicide Silence’s Black Crown album and if it is I’ll cry (not really). I’m going to have to give Whitechapel’s Recorrupted EP a 13/20.  

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