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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Your Pain Is Endearing - The Turning of Tides (Review)

"Revitalizing interest in the deathcore scene"

Lately, I’ve been exploring the deep realms of the underground deathcore scene and I came across Your Pain Is Endearing. I must say, there is really nothing better than stumbling across an awesome band and Your Pain Is Endearing is an excellent find in my opinion. The “The Turning of Tides” EP is an awesome blend of deathcore and slight death metal influences. I have major respect for bands who keep the true sound deathcore alive whilst moving forward in terms of sheer quality of the music. Don’t get me wrong though, Your Pain Is Endearing isn’t just another cheap rip off of Whitechapel or something, they are more than that.

The main focal point in The Turning of Tides is definitely the deathcore aspect of their music and how they’ve pushed a relatively primitive form, into the deathcore scene. For a starter, you’ll notice that the song structure of each track is just a little more complex. The tempo is quicker, the range of pitch is a lot longer, and there seems to be a real defined way that they’ve made the quick interval changes in their music. I don’t know why, but I really enjoy this form of deathcore on top of most styles of deathcore. To sum Your Pain Is Endearing in a small nut shell, I’d have to say that they’re just a more pure deathcoreish version of the band As Blood Runs Black.

However, there is a very strong modern death metal influence in the music too. Notably, the vocals: deep, gutturally and ferocious. This adds to the solidness that has already been laid by the foundations of the deathcore elements in their music. They have more of a melodic death metalish aesthetic to their music rather than a pure deathcore one. They have combined the darkness of pure deathcore with the lightness of melodic death metal, so Your Pain Is Endearing is really somewhere in the middle of the two. Now, before you go off saying that “oh, I’m sick of all these melodic deathcore bands like As Blood Runs Black and The Black Dahlia Murder”. Noticed that I mentioned “pure deathcore”, or more specifically, the more death metalish style of deathcore (which is different from the more hardcorish style that other bands play). Although there are many, many bands out there who are playing this strain of deathcore, Your Pain Is Endearing have really executed The Turning of Tides quite well and I find that I stay interested for quite a long time.

I cannot do a deathcore EP analysis with taking a look at the breakdowns and the blast beats. In The Turning of Tides, a wide number of breakdown styles are used. From; quick, sharp and ear piercing ones, to; heavy, thick and slow. Because they have both melodic death metal and pure deathcore influences in their music, they are able to incorporate both types breakdowns into their music with out feeling plain or out-of-place. When it comes to the individual instrumental components of the music, nothing beats the blast beats in The Turning of Tides (pun intended!). They are absolutely amazing. The tone and pitch are spot on, the speed at which they’re played is extremely quick and appropriate speed is used in appropriate tempos and passages.

Overall, The Turning of Tides is one damn good EP which is a must for any hardcore deathcore fans out there. It features everything that deathcore fans could possibly want in a release. Killer breakdowns, killer blast beats, killer vocals, excellent song structure, variety in tracks, and the list goes on. As far as recommending tracks for The Turning of Tides, I’d say that “Lessons in Misanthropy” would be an excellent place to start. All this being said however, Your Pain Is Endearing haven’t really “pushed” or extended the genre of deathcore. So today, it gets a 16/20 from me.


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