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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Interview With Michael McLeod and Luke Domic of Dream On, Dreamer

On the 26th of May 2011, Dream on, Dreamer played at the Cairns Tanks a long with two other supporting acts; Jimmy The One and Salacious. The atmosphere at the Tanks was amazing when Dream on, Dreamer took to the stage and even though the moshpit during their performance took a lot out of me, I was lucky enough to catch up with them post-performance to ask bass player and vocalist Michael and guitarist Luke some questions.
How was cairns?

Michael:  Cairns has been great, we played in a tank tonight so that was an experience, and the kids went mental. The drive up was really awesome too, the cool scenery and all, it’s very tropical up here, so yeah we enjoyed it.

So this is the first time Dream on, Dreamer have come to Cairns? I hope it’s not going to be last.

Michael:  Yeah, this was the first time, won’t be the last we hope… unless the world ends tomorrow.

Luke:  The band is not coming back, we’re sorry guys (laughs). Nah, Cairns was awesome we definitely want to come back. Seeing it was our first time, and it went to well so, we will get back soon, definitely.

Have you guys been touring lately?

Michael:  yeah, we’ve just got back from Perth and before that we were in the states.

Luke:  It’s been awesome! We’ve done a lot of awesome shows with a lot of rad bands, it’s been cool.

So have you guys thought about touring more internationally?

Michael:  So yeah, there was America and before that we were in Japan. So we’ve have had the pleasure of seeing a lot of the world.

Luke:  Europe

Michael:  Europe! We’ve done Europe, we’ve done Japan.

Luke:  France we’ve been there. Well that is a part of Europe but I thought I might make that very clear.

Michael:  For all you kids reading this and looking at a globe, France is in Europe. So yeah, we’ve been to New Zealand and we’re off to South East Asia in the upcoming months.

Luke:  We’re going to Jakarta

Michael:  Yeah; Jakarta, Indonesia-

Luke:  That is in Indonesia… Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore… there you go (laughs). This interview has now turned into a lesson in-

Luke, Michael:  Geography!.. Heyyy!

Luke:  Fuck yeah to friendship.

So, in terms of mainstream bands music, who are your major influences?

Michael:  Mainstream bands? Erm…gee

Luke:  How mainstream are we talking? I like Coldplay.

Michael:  Coldplay is good. I think we’ve sort of get a lot of influence from a lot of different bands I guess; we’ve got a German in the band, we’ve got an American in the band so it’s sort of sourced throughout the whole world and we all listen to different stuff. I don’t really listen to a lot of the stuff that we actually play, which is a bit odd. But, yeah, Justin Bieber…

Luke:  WOW, that is true actually… Nah I lie (laughs)

So I’ve heard both the Hope EP and your debut album Heartbound, and Dream on, Dreamer seem to have a lot of different musical influences… is there any particular reason for that? Why not stick to a single influence?

Michael:  We just want to sound as different as we can even though it is hard in the style of music that we do play. We just want to branch out and mature.

Luke:  We all listen to so much different music that it’s hard to write music with difference influences. We just pull from different bands that we like and try to incorporate that into our sound and I think it works for us.

So you guys mentioned that you were just on the road, what’s the craziest thing you’ve done out of boredom?

Michael:  (laughs) I don’t think that’s for under 15’s. There’s been a lot of crazy things we done.

Luke:  Arrgh, I cannot think of anything at the top of my heard. I’ve should have came prepared, I would have had some rad stories to tell. Well, a lot of mischief is done while on tour with us.

Michael:  But not with other girls though, we have girlfriends… we love you! (laughs)

Luke: (laughs) Yeah, that’s where I was getting at. But yeah, we like to have fun on tour and it keeps things interesting.

You have mentioned girlfriends? But I’ve noticed here that, you have heaps of girl fans that scream and chant your names… how do you cope?
Michael:  Umm, it is a bit hard-

Luke:  I’m Michael and I love it! (laughs)

Michael:  I think it’s hard to avoid having girl fans, but yeah they just have to respect boundaries.

Luke:  We just treat them like any other fans

Michael:  We don’t make out with them or anything, but we give them hugs and stuff.

Luke:  Oooooh, we’re getting very dangerous right now.

Michael:  It’s something that our girl friends are cool with as well, and we sort of need that trust especially when you’re away on the road or overseas for a very long time.

When I was watching your performance tonight, I noticed that you had a lot of violent fans out there in the mosh-pit. Has there ever been a time on stage when you literally thought you feared for your life?
Michael:  Well, not so much feared, but we did once play in Ringwood and there was this guys who ripped a bamboo stick off the wall…

Luke:  First off, this guy stripped down and was just in his jocks and he went to grab a piece of bamboo and started moshing like crazy. I’m not sure if that’s what the kids are into these days. That was dangerous. But, we’ve seen some dudes do; back flips, cart-wheels… it’s all good fun until someone pulls out the bamboo stick (laughs).

Michael:  Yeah, we’ve had people jump on stage and we’ve gotta look out for them because guitars can sort of take off heads.

Luke: Oh yeah, I once hit a kid in the head with my guitar stock once and he told me at the next show we played. He loved it.

So is there anything final you would like to say to your fans on The Spirit of Metal Webzine and MINIRADMAN?

Michael: Umm, yeah, check out our music and I hope you enjoy it.

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